The Exceptional Woman with Pastor Tutu: Pakistan Missionary Trip Over 100 on KingsChat Web

Pakistan Missionary Trip Over 100 Pakistani women inaugurated into the Loveworld Ladies Network. Indeed the Church is marching on, and the gates of hell cannot prevail. #celz1rocks #tew #lln #loveworldladiesnetwork

Pakistan Missionary Trip Over 100 Pakistan Missionary Trip Over 100 Pakistan Missionary Trip Over 100
PST Fred


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Graced & Prosperous


Wow' glory.....

Pastor. Dr. Yanick, MCS.


Glory !!! Glory !!! The Gospel is taking central stage! 🔥

Pst Benson Geary


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Olorundare Sunday Olayinka



Maxwell Ikponmwen


Jesus is the lord of all. Thank you pastor ma'am



Glory! The gospel is spreading everywhere. Pakistan will never remain the same again.

Maseve Loveness


Awesome together we will connect to the whole world 💃💃💃

Pastor Fadekemi Olusola


Beautiful. Congratulations.



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Glory to God.

Possessor Bimbola


Congratulations pastor ma. It is from glory to glory.

Bimbola Chukwu


Indeed the church is marching on and the word of God is prevailing. Congratulations ma!

The Incarnated Word


Jesus is really on his way! Congratulations ma

Pastor Barbara


Very Awesome Ma Congratulations 👍

Saint Gabriel Ogar


Wow!! This is remarkable. The word of God is spreading. Glory be to God.

Catch the GYTV News now on and see amazing exploits of young people from all around the world. #GYLF #GYTV

This program is designed and customized especially for you and i know you are wise enough to take advantage of this present hour GRACE...I know you will be there. Where? AT THE HEADQUARTER OF GOD'S PRESENCE (All tha is needful will be there) #Cebramptonwest #CeCanada

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Happy birthday to you and your twin brother great men of God. May God continue to strengthens you with might and divine inspirations in Jesus name. Amen! Thank you for all that you are doing for us I love you dearly Sir❤❤❤❤❤

Fresh Dew Listening to the Holy Spirit often requires silencing the noise around you. When you get rid of distractions and stop fixating on fearful feelings , you can start to notice God’s peaceful presence in your present circumstances. So as you pray and search the scripture , ask God to reveal any feelings you need to surrender , and any others you need to give special attention. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through this process and keep this in mind you can feel uncertain and still experience God’s peace. When your desires align with God’s desires, He can trust you to do what is right. Familiarise yourself with His word. The more you study the bible, the more your desires will begin to reflect God’s will. And when this happens, you can confidently ask God anything and He will hear you.

Count up to the celebration of a star My Pastor My Group Pastor My Leader #PstIfeoma1306

Gloryyy! Divine Drive Group Foundation school Graduation

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The Esteemed Pastor Tony Martins said there is an unquestionable difference between those taking advantage of the resources on PCDL and those taking it lightly. #wordfest3 Participate now on #watchonpcdltv #WordFest3Extravaganza #sez2

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