Rosemary Kumi: # praying now UK. All on KingsChat Web

# praying now UK. All Grace and earthly favour are mine in the Mighty name of Jesus.

I $my household are mega soul winners $ financiers of the Gospel, we are affluent, exerting global divine influence everyday #mydeclaration

#Mydeclaration We are wonder to our generation Upward and forward for me and my seed forevermore

I'm rich in all the major currency in this world,nothing can stop me even me can't stop myself,I give big for the gospel #mydeclarations

My family continues to see God in all their endeavors, fulfilling His perfect will for their lives. #mydeclaration

I am what the word of God says I am #mydeclaration

I pray that in this year of the supernatural all the words of prophecy spoken concerning me is coming to pass With supernatural abilities.

My life is an eternal sentence to prosperity, success, excellence, beauty, glory, victory, triumph!!! See me, see favour, see me see wealth!

I am a blessing anywhere God has placed,and my presence there continues to attract the supernatural. #mydeclaration

How I love to be taught by you Precious Holy Spirit. #prayerweek #awesome #fromglorytoglory

I'm different what affect others can't affect me , am teachable, am loveable, I work in love,in abundance, #mydeclaration

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