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His Excellency, our General Man of God, Happy Birthday to you, you are a Blessing to me, my family, my church CE Chad and to my nation. Thank you so much. I love you Sir. #CECHAD

His Excellency, our General Man

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Kayabaaaa! We are on it, even women. Tchai, we can do all things! Thank you our man of God Pastor Chris. #LWDayOfService #ServiceInProgress #Cameroon #VictorySeniorCell #ewcavz4

Happy Birthday to my Hero. I love love love love love you! You’re more than I could have asked for. Dad you are my superstar. Happy Birthday ❤️


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Victory Senior Cell rendering service in Magnificat Orphanage in Douala, Cameroon_lunch #serviceinprogressdouala #lwdayofservice2018 #hbdpastorchris #VictorySC #ewcavz4

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INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE REPORT FROM ABUJA MINISTRY CENTRE #LWDayofService2018 #ServiceinProgress_Abuja #CEAbujaMinCentre In commemoration of the 2018 International Day of Service in honour of our man of God, Pastor Chris, members of the Flourishing Haven, Central Church 2 made a most impactful visit to the Hope for Salvation Orphanage, Maitama Extension, Abuja, home to 20 teenagers and 66 children. Led by their Governor, Sis. Uche Areghan, they provided vast supplies of food stuff and also gave a special breakfast to all the staff and children in the home. They had a special meeting with the teenagers in the home, leading them to Christ and ministering the Holy Spirit to them. They also distributed copies of the Rhapsody of Realities Topical Compendium Vol. 5, Teevo and Rhapsody to the orphans and keepers of the orohanage. The excited beneficiaries sang happy birthday to our dear man of God, Pastor Chris. #Dec7

#happeninglive More than 200 hundred persons has been attended to more people are still sitted. Thank you Pastor for this initiative as it has bring joy and laughter to many especially the indigenes of egba-land Abeokuta. #ceabeokut #oasis #dec7 #offer7

Victory Senior Cell rendering service in Magnificat Orphanage in Douala, Cameroon_lunch #serviceinprogressdouala #lwdayofservice2018 #hbdpastorchris #VictorySC #ewcavz4

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