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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIFE COACH! REV. (DR.) CHRIS OYAKHILOME DSC., D.D A Coach is a person who instructs or Trains a performer or Team. A Coach teaches his Students individually. A coach is a person who teaches people to improve at a sport, Skill or subject. However, my personal Life Coach and Spiritual Trainer is all of these and more than these. Pastor Sir, you have coached me through the years with God's word and your lifestyle of absolute success in all areas of life and ramifications. You have coached me to know the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. You taught me how to talk to the Father and how to hear from the Father. You taught me how to respond to the Father and how the Father responds to me. By the power of an endless life (The Holy Spirit), you coached me from the Cradle to Adulthood. Even after making me a success you continuously ensure I remain a success, a solid success, a strengthened success, a reinforced Success, a divine success and a global Success. I have become your brand with your trade mark in my spirit. The exceptionalism of BLW Nation is encapsulated in my personality because of your coaching. Now my history and story, my revelations and confessions are traceable undoubtedly to my life Coach. The fire of your Passion for Christ has fueled my Action as a Gospel Activist. The multi-dimensional and multi-faceted aspects of your wisdom and knowledge Sir are intense, divine and breathtaking. Sir, what a Coach you are! Thank you Sir for being my one and only Coach, my life Coach for all time and eternity. I love you dearly Sir!!! #CELEBRATINGMYFATHER #OFFER7

Oladele Dickson


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What a man you are! You gave yourself to make it all easy. Thank you Pastor and Happy Birthday #offer7

Happy Birthday to The Man sent by God to prepare the world for His return!! I love you Sir!

Dad you taught me everything I know.. You taught how to use the right way.. Words are enough to express my heart to you Dad...I love you Sir

Thank you Pastor for being an inspiration. Thank you for being consistent. Thank you for raising us to be winners. Happy Birthday sir!

Happy birthday dearest Bro Joseph Ogbemudia. You've been such a blessing to use. God bless you.

The Lord has done me well....#Greatful

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