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I declare I am like the Palm tree I can stand in every season. I can not be distroy. #mydeclaration #prayingnow #Cendg #Canada

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#mydeclaration. Christ is my life and I exude him everywhere I go and in everything I do, I am a beacon of light to my world.

I declare that am supernaturally helped, I live in abundance. I declare that am fruitful in all ramifications of life

I am a millionaire in USD terms. #mydeclaration

This is the Morning of my Life. I live and rise above every circumstances of this world for I am Kinging! #mydeclaration

My family is blessed, my friends are blessed. I have a Godly heritage, Greatness is my lot #mydeclaration

There's supernatural intervention, its not businesses as usually! There's change everywhere!!

Though He was very rich,yet for my sake,He became very poor,in order that by His poverty I might become rich (abundantly supplied). Glory!!

#HSPC Register Now!!!

I declare that all myfamily members are exposed and accepting the Gospel of our Jesus Christ and are strengthen in the Faith.#mydeclaration

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