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Celebrating our Dear Esteemed Pastor (Dr.) Gbenga Olusanya - Happy Birthday sir! Thank you for teaching God's people and leading them on the path of righteousness. Thank you for your immeasurable contributions to the advancement of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We love and appreciate you dearly sir!

Celebrating our Dear Esteemed Pastor
Bimbola Jones Aleke


Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Gbenga Sir, it's from glory to glory Sir. God bless you immensely



Happy Birthday to my Esteemed Father, Friend, Coach and Pastor. Thank you sir for the love, patience, discipline, and grace you carry & dispense. Congratulations sir!

Esther Chuks


Happy Birthday Esteemed Sir. I TESTIFY of the Grace of God upon your life and ministry is just too much. I thank God I am a beneficiary of that Grace. Thank you so greatly Sir for pouring out yourself at all times to bless lives. I love you sir. You are the best.



Happy Birthday to you Sir. Thank you for your love and care. Father of many you are. Thank you for your service in the Master's house. May the Lord bless and Keep you in perfect peace for all eternity. Amen.

Pastor Wole Adisa


Happy birthday esteemed PastorG. I love you.

Oluwatobi Akinbiyi


Happy Birthday Dear Pastor sir, I love you sir.

oladipupo lawal


Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Sir, increase grace in all ramifications, ijn.

Deaconess Ruth Babadele.


Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Sir!

Pastor Claire


Happy Perfect Birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you for all do for the kingdom of God, especially your passion and committment towards keeping the Bible in its place as the No1 Book in the world . We celebrate you because we love you.💯



Happy birthday sir. Thank you for being such a huge blessing to our world and our dear Man of God. You're greatly appreciated.

Bimbola Chukwu


Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor sir. Your drive for partnership with the vision of our Man of God is highly inspiring and motivating. I love you specially sir.

Happy birthday dear Pastor sir, I celebrate passion, grace, God's love and faithfulness. Thank you so much sir, for your special love towards famuly and I . We love you always sir

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Esteemed Pastor sir!!! Tnk u sir for ur commitment to our man of God. Tnk u for the unique way u communicate with conviction ,fun and bringing in different perspectives. U have been a huge blessing and encouragement to me. More glory and increased grace sir We love u dearly sir


Heaven Rejoicing...... #CelebrantibusMagnumPerfectionisImago #CelebratingAGreatIconOfPerfection #pflow1031 #sez2

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