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Updated his profile photo

To be truly free? 1.When we can be all we wish to be & do all we wish to do 2.When our wishes & desires truly reflect the purpose of the one who made us 3.When our creator can truly live out his dream through us 4.When we effectively function at our God given potentials #PstChris

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It‘s YOUr time to rise &shine! To all our beloved family in the body of Christ and all our friends around the globe, specially in the United States, everybody in Europe, everyone in Italy... This message is just for you! I hope to see and hear you very soon. God bless you! 🇮🇹🇺🇸🇪🇺

Happy Birthday Dear Dcns Adesuwa. You are blessed and highly favoured of the Most High. Thank you for Yolanda and Briana and your participation in thier school life . It's a pleasure to know you. Enjoy your new level of grace and perfection. I love you dearly.

Dear calm and ever cheerful Dcn Jude..Happy birthday. You are guided & guarded by the Holy spirit . A special day like this Affords me the opportunity to say Thank you for the work You do in The Haven Egbe .God bless you. #Nobsl #Nobsl2020 #NobslwithpastorEmekaEze #thehavenza4

President Donald Trump declares tomorrow Sunday, March 15th in the USA as a National Day of Prayer! - #loveworld #loveworldusa #prayforthenations #prayagainstcoronavirus #presidenttrump #Prayagainstcovid19 #Nationaldayofprayer

We had an Extraordinary Boot Camp!! #LwTeenministry #WmcTeensministry #UduGroup

1 MILLION RHAPSODY OUTREACHES THANK YOU FOR YIELDING TO THE CALL We Celebrate You! Sister Cabrina Williams, CE Columbus, Zone 1. What Are You Waiting For? □ SIGN UP □ MAKE PAYMENT □ UPLOAD RECEIPT □ CREATE YOUR AVATAR □ AND SEND Let's Celebrate You. #CEUSAREGION2 #1MillionRhapsodyOutreaches #Rhapsodyofrealities #ROR

Event Update: 2020 Ministers' Visitation Program with Pastor Chris The esteemed Rev. Tom Amenkhienan stirs the hearts of all attendees at the MVP Orientation. "How strong is your desire? How much can you take? Spiritual hunger is very important for growth. A man with a strong desire will cross hurdles; he will climb mountains, and  walk through valleys. Only those who are desirous are filled," says Rev. Tom, as he fans the flames of every attendee's desire. Tomorrow promises to be an even more glorious day, as all look forward to the phenomenal first healing service of the 2020 Healing School Autumn Session with Pastor Chris. Stay connected to us for live updates. #HealingtotheNations #AutumnSession2020 #HealingSchool

Updated his profile photo

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