Pastor Don Okhuofu: Birthday greetings to our dear on KingsChat Web

Birthday greetings to our dear Sis Helen Emeruwa. Thanks so much for the impact you make with the women and children at CE Shangisha. Your love and passion for God are undeniable. I pray that God perfects all that concerns you and brings you to the desired future. God bless you.

Birthday greetings to our dear Birthday greetings to our dear Birthday greetings to our dear Birthday greetings to our dear
Fred Akinola Erunkulu "Eikonworld"


Happy birthday dear sis Helen.! God bless you!

Elizabeth Onoge


Dear Sis Helen congratulations on a new year. Enjoy greater grace!



Happy birthday sister Helen. Thanks do much for your love and care for our children. Thank you for the work of kingdom expansion. The Lord perfects all that concerns you. Have a glorious year ahead.

Saint Gabriel Ogar


Happy Birthday Dear Sister Helen. More glorious and beautiful years ahead. Thank you for your love for the children church.

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Audacity Pictures, Happy Perfection Birthday Pastor Ma, we love you so dearly Ma. #cephzone1 #oyigbonation #audacitypictures #peeayforever

Happy Birthday to an amazing personality. Thank you for being a blessing to me. A Lover of Soul and the Word. I love you dearly Ma #PY1220 #CEScarb.

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