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THE GIFT OF LIFE!!! Voluntary blood donors are the cornerstone of a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood products. The safest blood donors are voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors. Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person – the gift of life. Show love. Give blood today. Sign up with the link below👇to participate in the 2021 Global Voluntary Blood Donation campaign: #TCIFblooddonor #voluntaryblooddonation #ShowLoveGiveBlood #blooddonationsaveslives #everylifecounts

THE GIFT OF LIFE!!! Voluntary
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Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor ma 🥰Thank you for all you do in ministry, continue to bask in God's Glory🥰I love you ma

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DIVINE HEALTH CONFESSIONS 23rd May I live in Christ, therefore I cannot be affected by the rules and corrupting influences of this world to listen to the daily divine health podcast #Faithproclamations #Dhconfessiones #healingtothenations

LIVE NOW!!! TOTAL EXPERIENCE INDIA WITH PASTOR DEE ISESELE SNIPPETS FROM THE MINISTRATION OF THE WORD 📌 Christ took our place in death, so that we can take his place in Life. Click to watch Stay tuned for more... #CELZ3 #Cellministry #rhapsodyofrealities #PastorChrisLive #CGI #Celz3nity #Rhapsodyinfluencers #RINLIVE

#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 23RD MAY. I affirm that I have an excellent spirit, and I produce excellent results in all I do. The Holy Spirit is at work in me, both to will and to deliver excellence, in accordance with His perfect will. I am a success, because I function with the wisdom of Christ and His superabundant grace. I acknowledge His mighty power that is at work in me mightily, and celebrate His glory in my life. I have an extraordinary amplitude of comprehension because the wisdom of God is in my spirit. I have the ability to make the right judgments and choices and I refuse any attitude, habit or lifestyle that is inconsistent with the Gospel. No matter what happens around me, I don’t bow to pressure. Rather, I hold myself in from within. My mind is anointed to produce...

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RHAPSODY OF REALITIES FOR EARLY READERS ════━🔍🔎━════ Sunday 23 May JACOB AND ESAU As it is written, “Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated. Romans 9:13 🫂 Pastor Chris Says God wasn't talking about the person here; rather, He was referring to a character, an attitude. Hebrews 12:16 described Esau as profane because he sold his birthright. That was the character that God hated. A profaner is someone who shows disrespect for God or holy things. The blessing was Esau’s right by birth, being the firstborn, but he despised his birthright (Genesis 20:24). But Jacob feared God and yearned for the birthright. Why? Because it included the blessing of Abraham. As a child of God, take spiritual things seriously and always remember that the blessings are in words. So, the next time you're in church pay attention to spiritual instructions from pastor. 📖 Scripture Reading ⊶⊷⊷⊷⊶⊷⊷⊷⊷⊷ Genesis 25:29-34 Let's Pray :..。o○🗣○o。.. Dear Father, I thank you for your wisdom and guidance. I’m confident in your love for me, and that you will keep me in your will as I give myself to your Word, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

2021 ISM GLOBAL MINISTERS' CLASSROOM WITH PASTOR CHRIS (GRAND FINALE)! ISM Ministers Participating Live from Switzerland! #GMC2021 #PastorChris #ismgmcWithPastorChris #ismgmc #gmc #ISM

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