Leidiana Silva: “My treasure is in Christ.”🤩 on KingsChat Web

“My treasure is in Christ.”🤩 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

“My treasure is in Christ.”🤩

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CELEBRATING GOD’S BEST Happy birthday to our Dear Sister Tiffany Isesele! You are the manifestation of the Glory of God, the outshining of His beauty. Causing men and women to wonder and glorify your Heavenly Father. Your heart is full of love towards all that come in contact with you. Indeed they see Jesus in all that you do and all that you are. We love you dearly, God bless you!❤️ #PREACHERSKID #PREPARATION #SONSOFMINISTRY #GRACE

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WONDERFUL AND AMAZING TIFFANY ❤️ Sweet Tiffany, Sweet Tiffany, How wonderful you are 🎶 Happy birthday my love! This year is greater and more glorious for you in every way! Remain a vibrant servant in the house of our Lord 🌟🌟🌟 #CECanada #SonsofMinistry

“Have a word bath all the time.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

I pray that your ministry will continue to expand and many more people shall be impacted. I pray that you are strengthened and continue to share the Gospel with the boldness of the Spirit. #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

“The gospel is the power of God.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

5. After combing the streets of Oregun, we set up a converging spot where we chanted the name of Jesus... Right at the Oregun bus stop itself by the traffic light, worship, praise and celebration went on... #CELVZYouthChurch #StreetInvasion2021 #February6 #TheBounce

That is what I was made for...... To serve and worship you! Lord, let their will be done in my life.

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