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"📣📣📣Easter is just around the corner! 📢📢📢 👀 a refreshing video of Kids from our Children's Churches around the 🌎 tell The Easter Story! From vital perspectives they are learning from "The Easter Story Curriculum Pack" For More Info: Pls call +2348086799302 #loveworldchildrensministryrocks #Warriministrycentre #childrensministryrocks #raisingchampions #getthekidsin"

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I'm a child teacher, I want to be forms and make my minister beautiful to God. Thanks

#CeSoroti1 #EAVZ3 #EasterSuperSundayService #OnMyMind

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Happy Birthday Sis Estelle🥳🥳You are so inspiring and you motivate me to do my best. Thank you for all the love you continue to show me each day. You are the true definition of a rare gem 💎. I love you so much.❤️❤️

Yes I got a selfie...#cegombe#ncvz1


Mega Teens Conference Online engagements meets a whooping 10 million online reach on social media platform. Do not be left out of this next big thing specially ordained of God for teenagers. Watch live on Ceflix: http://ceflix.org/videos/watchb/1848781/the-illuminating-teen/

Even baby Sophia was at d airport... #cegombe#ncvz1

These are the days of the thriving church and we are the thriving church !!! Zazazaza we are the thriving church

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