Deaconess Fagbohun Jane Olohigbe: #sharonwedsphilip #diamondreception on KingsChat Web

#sharonwedsphilip #diamondreception

#sharonwedsphilip #diamondreception
Ty Obaz



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Hurray! As we celebrate this supernatural victory!wow,thanks to our very own highly esteemed Rev Tom sir, for this great opportunity, thank you pst Butu sir, champion forever, that is who we are. #Abujaministrycenter #CEAsokorochurch #pcl


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Dis is awesome !!!

Thank you Uncle (@pstlouiso ) and Auntys (@bisionline ) (@pastorsade ) I am grateful for your gift 🎁 & Mummy and Daddy are very grateful for your love. Don't mind that I'm sleeping in these pictures, I'm fully aware of what's happening here 😁 From me 👶 Zion Popoola

Happy Birthday to you our dear Bro Gervas. Thank you for all you do in for the furtherance of the gospel. We appreciate you. This year for you will be that of ease, and Supernatural accomplishments, We love you dearly. #ReachoutTanzania #Tanzania

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