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Awesome time at ICLC Prayer Rally #Flourishingiclc2017 #cebeninzone3

Awesome time at ICLC Prayer


Happy birthday Sir. You are experiencing the glory of God in your health, family and finances. Love ❤️ HAGAR AMAD!!! #PGA1206

#Flourishingiclc2017 #cebeninzone3

What a time of dialoguing with the father. #solemnassembly #cebeninzone2

#Flourishingiclc2017 #cebeninzone3

From the very first day I met her till date my life has never been the same again thank you so much pastor Ma for all your prophecies I don't take them lightly Cos they're always coming to pass I Love You dearly!!!!!!!#whyilovepdo ; #pastorchrisontheisland; #ceakilorocks

IMPRESSIVE TURN UP AT THE CHRIST EMBASSY KANO TEENS MINISTRY TEENS GOT TALENT SEASON 1. The future and direction of thousands of young people was redirected to the Lord at the Christ Embassy Kano Teens Got Talent Season one which took place yesterday Sunday, June 11th 2017. There was a superfluous display of amazing talents from singing, dancing, stand up comedy, spoken words and the arts. Several seasoned gospel music & dance ministers who were the judges such as E-Voice, Jeffrey Songs, Kay1, Rap O JC and Randolph also shared on their inspirations for doing gospel ministrations and shared amazing testimonies about their walk with the Lord and how God has decorated their life with his grace and increased their influence. The Zonal Teens Coordinator Bro Sam Akpan, ministered the Word of God with so much grace leading to the salvation of over 197 teenagers, Glory to God! Over 1,500 teenagers came from all around the city of Kano to be entertained but met with the Word of God that has transformed their lives and mindset forever. #TGT #TeensGotTalent #TeensChurchKano #cekano #nwvz2

HBD to my International President Pst Goke. A man full of God's spirit and wisdom. Thank you for your commitment to the Haven Nation. 🎉 ❤️

#Flourishingiclc2017 #cebeninzone3

HaPpY BirthDaY To My Haven International President Pst Goke Adebayo•••• Your GRACE & PEACE is MULTIPLIED. Thank you for teaching us the WAY of the SPIRIT. I love you sir.

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