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7 Steps for Perfecting Soul Winning. If you follow these steps, you will perfect your soul winning. 1. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit. Never lack in zeal. Maintain the glow of the spirit. Be ever filled with the Spirit 2. Have an understanding of the gospel. Have a clear understanding of the gospel. It won’t just come in it’s own. You have to invest in it. 3. Explain the gospel. There’s a difference between preaching the gospel and explaining it. Preaching is an announcement: Liberty, freedom from sin, infirmity, darkness, death; we are announcing the benefits. But you also have to explain the gospel. 4. Lead them into salvation. Many times we may preach and explain the gospel but not actually lead them into salvation. You’ve got to give them an opportunity to come into Christ. You do this by helping them in the confession of the lordship of Jesus. When they believe you, make sure they make the confession because that’s when they receive the salvation. 5. Receive them into God’s family. Many times we preach and we don’t receive the people into the family of God. The awareness: they need to know where they are now. They need to know they are in the kingdom of God. You’ve got to tell them. They must be brought into the awareness of their new place. The awareness of their new home; that they are now in God’s family. 6. Introduce the church’s mentorship program. Now that they are in the kingdom, they must be taught. Christianity has a way of life. They must be brought up in the way of the lord. “...teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:20). The church teaches them these things that Jesus taught us. The church has this mentorship program aimed at bringing someone up till they become mature sons of God. 7. Release them into leadership. Mentor them and bring them into positions of leadership that they may be blessings to others. With these steps you will perfect your soul winning. Glory to God! #soulwinnerscongress2018 #lagoszone2

7 Steps for Perfecting Soul
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Thank you Sir. l hear to do.

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Thank you Sir.

We were glad when Rev. Ken said "Let us Go!" launching ROC 2day with 1 billion copies of ROR =1 billion souls" Ready!! GO!!!💃🕺#ROCAN#CECAN

7 Steps to Perfecting Soul Winning. #onlinesoulwinnerscongress #inspiringsoulwinners #enthusiasticsoulwinners


Thank you Jesus!!!!!

The set time for Kampala is NOW, its time for the word, music, and fun in the holyGhost #KCCUGANDA2018

Bro Frank took us through a Recitation of the entire verses of Psalm 91. Awesome!!!! #CDCInCEOkeira1 #CELZ1 #CEOkeira1

RoC 2018 is a great sucess! Glory to God! #ROC2018 #ROCAN2018

#ROC2018 #CECANADA The Word of God grew mightily and prevailed in Canada.

Finally day STPPL 2018

The set time for Kampala is NOW, its time for the word, music, and fun in the holyGhost #KCCUGANDA2018

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