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Celebrating my gift of inestimable Value Pastor @nosatee Always full of the Spirit and liquid love. A man of faith, sent from God to us @CEQueens. A quintessential wordsmith and my personal living bible concordance 😄 you are soooo easy to please.I love you #celebratingpastornosa

Celebrating my gift of inestimable Celebrating my gift of inestimable


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Bola Aji


Happy birthday my dearest Dr Nosa! God bless you! We love you dearly ❤️

Cathy Rolling


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🌟Pastor David {👑Priest}


🎉✨ Happy glorious birthday Pastor Nosa. Celebrating liquid love for sure. Rejoice My Brother! HBD 🎺🥳 Love ya!

The apple of Jesus’s eyes


Thank you so much babe!! I love you

Happy wedding anniversary esteemed sir,ma.

#prayingnow #prayathon2021 #PCLprayathon2021 #iamapriestinoffice #ukzone1 #LWNewcastle Central

*CELEBRATING ILLUMINATION AND GRACE* Happy Birthday Esteemed Bro Bartholomew Okougbenin! Thank you for being a blessing to us in Manchester and beyond. Your testimony is from faith to faith, grace to grace, and glory to glory. Of your increase in relevance, influence and affluence, there shall be no end. He that has began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. We love and appreciate you dearly. #LoveworldCentralChurchManchester #LoveworldUKZone4 #UKZN4

Happy birthday sir I wish you long life and prosperity in Jesus Name #CEJOS #CEGOMBE #CEMINNA #GOH #NCZ1

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#ValiantPYA #AudaciousPYA #DauntlessPYA #LimitbreakingPYA

#Highlights# 📸Day3 A week of Power & Answers with Esteemed Pastor Godfrey Wealth We are praying for the protection of all our Women and Children. They are free from every form of oppression. Participate Live 👇🏻 https://m.twitch.tv/ceccbenin #cecampgroundbenin #cebeninzone1

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#ValiantPYA #AudaciousPYA #DauntlessPYA #LimitbreakingPYA

#ValiantPYA #AudaciousPYA #DauntlessPYA #LimitbreakingPYA

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