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New level alert... WE HAVE MOVED.

New level alert... WE HAVE

What can we not make happen??? Absolutely.... Nothing!!!

To attend the 2019 summer session with pastor Chris, kindly click: #summersession2019 #hspc

#FLORISH0607 #PSTFLORENCELIGHTS2019 #CENDOBO #EWCAZ4 I love you so much pastor ma

Celebrating leadership, grace, victory, and lot more. Happy birthday pastor ma #FLORISH0607 #PSTFLORENCELIGHTS2019 #CENDOBO #EWCAZ4

🎵🎺🎼It's our Mid-Year Thanksgiving Season! 🎗️Indeed, the Lord has been gracious and kind to us, whereof we are so glad, for all His wondrous work. As we prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow, take a cue and go through these Two (2) very important resource materials: 1. Giving Thanks Audio Message by Pastor Chris on PCDL 2. The Giving Thanks Study Manual. 📍These two materials will greatly inspire you and prepare your hearts as we specially thank the Lord tomorrow for all His blessings in our lives. To download your own Giving Thanks Study Manual, kindly tap on the link below: 📍CHAPTER 1: Elucidates on the characteristics, importance, significance and attitude of Thanksgiving. 📍CHAPTER 2: Gives an expository message about Thanksgiving and examples of people from God's Word who through faith and obedience got results. 📍CHAPTER 3: Conclusion - our true purpose and reason for being here on Earth and the need to stay focused. Take each exercise, meditate on the words on Marble and make the faith-filled affirmations. 🎗️It's sure going to be a most glorious and special Thanksgiving tomorrow. #GivingThanks #MidYearThanksgiving #TLB #CEBAYELSA #CEUGHELLI #CESAPELE #TheMovingBUS #NSSZONE1


To attend the 2019 summer session with pastor Chris, kindly click: #summersession2019 #hspc

Grace upon grace

#FLORISH0607 #PSTFLORENCELIGHTS2019 #CENDOBO #EWCAZ4. Thanks for loving and caring for me.

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