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CETUNES - YOUR GATEWAY TO NON-STOP INSPIRATION. Cetunes consist of 270 Radio stations that give you free access to Pastor Chris Teaching in various languages. Uplifting tunes from LMAM stars, spoken words, news, comedy, and more…. Available for free download here πŸ‘‡


The Shumanite woman met Elisha the Prophet. She was persisted and got her son back to life. When squeeze in life response with β€œIt is well.” Run to meet her & say, Is it well with you? Well with your husband? Well with the child? She answered, It is well. 2 Kings 4:26

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday Dear Bro Henry! We love and appreciate you dearly! #usar1z2

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Updated his profile photo

#celebratingexcetionalism Happy birthday dearest esteemed Sister Alexis Ma'am. I love you dearly

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SWITCH FROM THE TOPSY-TURVY SECULAR MEDIA PLATFORMS OF THE WORLD TO A HEAVENLY ONE! Consume information that edifies, uplifts and, inspires! Enjoy limitless access to amazing, extraordinary and exceptional TV channels on the cLoveWorld mobile App. Available on Android and iOS.

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Declaring that every member of our ministry is walking in a deep understanding of the word to us this year which gives them a unique boldness and confidence to face whatever challenges that come their way. Col 1:9 #cekuwadzana #cesazone5

The New Release of the Message of the Year 2021 The Year of Preparation by Our Man of God in Both Audio and Video Format is still available for download on and also the Pastor Chris Digital Library App available on App Store and Google Play Store. You can also visit #PrepareYourHeartToServeTheLord #MakePreparationForTheHouseOfGod #PrepareWithTheGospel #PrepareToMeetGod

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