Estelle: Happy birthday Sis Victoria! Congratulations! on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Sis Victoria! Congratulations! I love you🥳

Happy birthday Sis Victoria! Congratulations!

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114 First Timers, 83 New Converts,55 baptised and spoke in other tongues, the Lord added to the Teens Ministry daily as such that should be saved. Glorryyy!!! #LoveEncounter #ExperienceChristlove #lwteensministry #ceekpanreal #midwestzone

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SOM IMPACT REPORT Members of the Sons of ministry; Sister Praise Amenkhienan, Brother Johnny Amenkhienan and Sister Laurel Aniemeka organized an outreach titled: The Treasure Hike, which started officially by 8am this morning, was filled with music, beautiful views of the city and more. Most importantly when we got to the top of the Rock; our final resting point and after celebrating our achievement, Brother Johnny began to preach the gospel to all our invited hikers. Drawing their attention to all of nature around them and he spoke on the importance of recognizing God as the creator of the world. Sister Praise then continued with the message to introduce the person of Jesus. One of the hikers replied saying "Jesus was a servant of God", but Sister Praise began to reveal to them who the person of Jesus is as the 'Word that was in the beginning, that created the world and then became flesh'.They stressed the importance of recognizing Jesus as their Saviour not just to take away their sins but to take away the nature of sin itself and give them a new life. After this, she gave the call to salvation and while many recited the prayer along with her, several of them gave their hearts to the Lord and got born again. At the end of the hike, copies of Rhapsody of Realities were distributed along with some delicious fresh smoothies 🍧😋 Glory to God. #SHOUTFORJOY #SONSOFMINISTRY

What A Beautiful day it is

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#PCLprayathon2020 #prayathon2020 #Iamapriestinoffice #CECOTEDIVOIRE #ewcazone2 #COTEDIVOIRE

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