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CORPERS HANGOUT EBONYI STATE( ABAKILIKI) CORPERS LOVEWORLD Sister Eden Wealth attended the conference just to listen to the various speakers and had her expectations surpassed by the Lord, The Esteemed Director by the spirit called out a case about a fire incident that happened to her family that led to a loss of important documents. He prayed as led by the spirit of God for divine restoration. GOD be praised. #LGNRULES #CLWD


“DESIGN vs. ART”; a controversy that’s lingered for too long and how one of it plays a vital role in inventions and innovations... #StoryTelling

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#ysc with pastor Emeka Eze #Ce lagos zone 2

...the business world has moved into a paradigm shift where we all understand that DESIGN is more than just style but ASPIRATIONS, PASSION,STRATEGIES, & DESIRE to create, help, effect change and impact the world. #ChangingTheNarrative

#UKZONE2 = Uplifted #LWESSEXGROUP = Uplifted #LWNORWICH = Uplifted Going Higher in Elevation - Advancement - Aheadship- Leadership

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I AM LIFTED Lifted to higher heights Lifted to greater honour Lifted to greater exploits! Happy month of uplifting✈ #cephzone2g4executive

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