The Haven Nation: More Photos!! #TheHavenZoneA1 #TheHavenNation on KingsChat Web

More Photos!! #TheHavenZoneA1 #TheHavenNation

More Photos!! #TheHavenZoneA1 #TheHavenNation More Photos!! #TheHavenZoneA1 #TheHavenNation More Photos!! #TheHavenZoneA1 #TheHavenNation More Photos!! #TheHavenZoneA1 #TheHavenNation More Photos!! #TheHavenZoneA1 #TheHavenNation

Zonal Awards. We all win!

I am marvellously helped of the Lord.❤

Sunday Special service. 6th December 2020 Time is 8:00am Venue : Christ Embassy PTI Church. Don't miss it. #ministrycentrewarri #effurungroup

🗣️ RHAPSODY ONLINE PRAYER CONFERENCE IS HERE AGAIN!!💃💃💃 Register on: We are postioning to set new records in 2021! Its a time of Prayer, ROPC Rhapathon and Thanksgiving Special! 😘🤗 👉 Register: https:// 👉 Make avatar: https:// And 👉Spread the word!🗣️ SAVE THE DATE: 18TH & 19TH DECEMBER, 2020 WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE DETAILS. 🤗 #ropc2020 #prayingnow #pastorchris #rhapsody

Happy Super Birthday! To Our Father, Mentor, My Super Boss! Always loving and caring. Thank you so much Pastor Sir for your love ,Thank you sir for loving the Lord the way you do. Thank you sir for your selfless service to the work of the ministry. I Love You Special Sir.

#Celebratingmypastor #countingup #excited

News reaching us now that THE QUEST for the next Hero continues in the South South Region of Nigeria. Who is our 8th contestant??? Make your answers looouuuddddddeeeeerrrrr🎤🎤🎤🎤 #Thequest#Teamalignment#Teamexcellence#Teamcompleteness#Teamfruition#immortals#Heroes

Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

YOUR INVOLVEMENT IN PARTNERSHIP IN THIS END TIME PERIOD. * Redeeming the time: As children of God, we were told that we have been called to set times and seasons, so firstly, we have to be conscious of hhis time, first towards our partnership, doing what we are called or asked to do according to the times, brothers and sisters we are in a War-fare and the time is short; there is no room for procrastination, if our Man of God says this is what we are doing in this particular month we all will be vitally involved before the end of the project. Make up your mind not to allow any river(PROJECT) to flow by without you dropping any coin inside. * Urgency: Indeed, we are in the end time and as a partner there is an urgency in the realm of the spirit, study Ephesians 5:14, knowing that we are on the last lap of the race. We were asked to say this to ourself that; "I will increase my partnership, this is the time for me to give what God wants me to give, not to give what I have, i will giving beyond my capacity for the coming of the Lord is close, I am Intensifying my speed,not waiting to be called, messaged or spur up before doing or redeeming my pledges like David said; I encouraged myself in the Lord,he did not wait for any of his servants, friends or household to encourage him.This is the time to speed up with my giving without waiting for any special meeting". Glory to God! The assignment is one thing, and having the understanding of the timing is another thing; there is an urgency of the Spirit Ephesians 5v14-16 there is an urgency in the Spirit, this is not time to be selfish It's one thing to do what the Lord has asked you to do, it's another to do it according to the timing of the Spirit. Christ within you creates in you an urgency to act. In this time, God is increase the knowledge of what can be known, achieved, done by one person, one cell, one PCF, one Church. Be strategic in your giving, let your partnership speak for you. There is no greater joy than partnering with our Man of God in sponsoring the Gospel. This is not the time to be concerned with the frivolities of this world, but it is time to live by faith as there is nothing impossible with God. GLORY TO GOD!!! #ippcinyouzone #internationalofservice #beinvolvedinthisendtimemove

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