Christ Aubrey: #P.A...PastorA. Jesus died for me on KingsChat Web

#P.A...PastorA. Jesus died for me Pastor Chris gave me the message Mandela went to prison for 27 years so why should I live less.....

#P.A...PastorA. Jesus died for me

God's general,a gift from God to d youth we love you sir keep spreading.

No one else can do the things you do Lord! Hearty Congratulations to our very own Pst Reina on her ordination + her Birthday. #July17th#

Happy Happy Birthday Pst Chineye Opara. I love you.

Happy Birthday to my indomitable Zonal Pastor - Pastor Tony Obi! All of us in CE Edinburgh love u dearly

Yippee it your Birthday P. Chinese of the most high I celebrate you on this very special day. Your commitment and passion is inspiring.

Happy birthday to the sweet Pst freida. Thank u for all love&care u showed back then in benin. I luv u dearly

updated his profile photo

Congratulations pastor! I am so proud of your sir. I am so inspired. Pastor Kuda Matutu #iclc2016

"Maintain your focus on the word, maintain your focus on the mandate..." -Pst Deola #Iclc2016 #ToolsForSpreading

Congratulations to Everyone! Its been a time of great promotion from MYPRC👉🏽ICLC👉🏽IMC Happy New Cell Ministry Year!🎉🎉😀

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