Her Royal MajestyYimcylaw: Happy birthday to our precious on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday to our precious Sis kemi, thank you for all you . We all love you. TBH

Happy birthday to our precious Happy birthday to our precious

Highlights: CELL LEADERS FIRE CONFERENCE 🔥🔥🔥 WITH THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR VALE ODU-THOMAS! Gloryyyy!!!! As victorious shouts rent the air in the auditorium. It was indeed a super glorious Fire Conference; the fire for the things of God and for souls have been re-ignited in the hearts of all our leaders. Truly, there has been an upgrading and promotion to new levels in the realm of the Spirit. The testimonies shall abound! Glory to God!🙌 #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

Happy birthday beloved Pst Courage ever full of smiles n a burning and shining light. I love you.

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Have you tried talking to the Holy Spirit about that issues? He can help you if only you let him help you

Happy birthday dearly and esteemed Pst Courage, thank you for your depth of willingness in achieving goals and thoughts, your passion for souls is inspiring. You are indeed wise and God's bountiful blessings abound you. Amen!!

*#PGO262019* *#PGO262019* *#PGO262019*

*#PGO262019* *#PGO262019* *#PGO262019*

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Am a Haver, Having is my Birthright, Having is my middle name, Am a Possessor, Am a Victor for life...AMEN. # GodOverEverything # SonOfGrace

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