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Indeed a refreshing moment representing the Minstry to the father Pray-a-thon early morning #Pray-a-thon #cesazone5

Indeed a refreshing moment representing

Beyond !!! Introducing”Beyond Music” a global special month of song,exclusive to cloveworld, that pitches your worship single,side by side other music ministers with cloveworld viewers as judges...for more info...

#I💙MYRHAPSODY: RECEIVE!!!! Once, I was about to minister to someone who’s been sick and confined to a wheelchair for years. I asked him, “Will you be healed today?” He said, “Yes, of course.” Then I said, “What will happen when I pray for you now?” He said, “I’ll walk and I’ll run.” So, I placed my hands on him and said, “You’re healed.” Immediately, he jumped out of the wheelchair, staggered a little and was perfect. Hallelujah! Now, when I said to him, “You’re healed,” he didn’t wait for anything more; he received instantly. That was his role: to receive. Giving is one thing, but receiving is another. Many don’t seem to know how to receive. Receiving is by faith; it’s with your spirit, and it’s not something you do passively. The Greek word is “lambano,” and it means to take active possession; to reach out, take a hold of something and make it yours.

IRCTC PNR Status and Train Charting: What Happens Behind the Scene #spokenrhema

Happy birthday to my highly esteemed and amiable group pastor. You're one in a million. Your liquid love for the master is contagious. We love you extremely sir

Happy Perfect Birthday. A rare gem you are. Spirit filled Personified, beauty in and out and your life is a demonstration of God's love towards everyone. Its your season of daily miracles and testimonies. Love you dearly #perfectinglife #OCEO

COUNT UP TO THE #HSOPC - Have you invited and registered others? - Have you sent in your prayer request(s) and theirs? - Have you posted your expectations and theirs? The Healing School Online Prayer Conference is 1 DAY TO GO! #HealingSchool #HealingtotheNations #AutumnSession2020

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#nobsl #celagoszone2

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