Janutlar: 7. Gives children a beautiful on KingsChat Web

7.   Gives children a beautiful platform to become successes in life. Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

  Quality education gives children confidence to reach their full potential. Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

Quality education gives children skills, . Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

6.   Education helps create a world then we are creating a future that

Depriving children of their right to education is denying them of the ability to realize their full potentials.#backtoschool https://goo.gl/

“To educate a child is to turn walls into doors.” Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

8.   Help indigent children get #backtoschool.  https://goo.gl/sRdY85

The praise power house, CE, Lagos Zone 5 Choir ministering during the Deriso House Concert. Am sure you don't wanna miss this... Airing soon on LoveWorld Expressions...and LoveWorld USA...watch out! #LMAM #Loveworldexpressions #LMAMderizohouseconcert #LMAMpartnership

30.           As an individual, a group, an organization, you can sponsor one or more children #backtoschool. https://goo.gl/

9.   Be God’s outstretched arm to help indigent children . Sponsor a child #backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

PRAYER GUIDE FOR DAY 6 OF THE SPECIAL 15 MINUTES PRAYER SEGMENT WITH THE ESTEEMED ZONAL DIRECTOR. (11:45pm - 12 mid night ) Be sure to participate. Don't miss it! #CeAccraGhanaZone #15MinsOfImpact

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