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And He (JESUS) said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15 KJV JOIN THIS CHARIOT EVANGELISM IN ACTION WEEK1 #JTCCAMPAIGN #GROUP1 #CEPERIVALE #UKR2Z3

And He (JESUS) said unto And He (JESUS) said unto And He (JESUS) said unto And He (JESUS) said unto

Wow! Choose glory. Choose life. Choose to use your mind right. #liftchallenge #monthoflifting

The secret to an uplifting month is the WORD OF GOD. As an Abraham seed we are not just custodians of the blessing but we are the blessing. #Liftchallenge

We are all able ministers of the gospel

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I am the righteous, Iike the mountains surround Jerusalem so the Most High surrounds me with his love, hallelujah!!! #upliftingchallenge #themonthofuplifting #CEBarkingUKR2Z4

My tongue is the pen of a skilful writer. I indelibly write and appropriate all that is packaged in Christ for me. I'm blessed and I'm a blessing. Challenges gravitate towards their solution. Just focus on who you are in Christ. Glo.....rey!!! Hallelujah!!

Encourage d Ministry of d Holy Spirit in ur life for He came to make u a Champion. U may be thinking - how do i encourage d Ministry of d Holy Spirit in my life? U've got to notice d things He does for u & give Him Glory for them! The Ministry of the H.S in You #liftchallenge


#campusministry is moving forward. it's funny something as simple as a cordless mic if not in service can disrupt the minister's ministration. such a small thing yet so powerful. #instrumentsproject #hararecentral #zimzone

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