Trauma Care International Foundation: #HSLHS #TestimoniesofDivineHealing #HappeningNow h on KingsChat Web

#HSLHS #TestimoniesofDivineHealing #HappeningNow

#HSLHS #TestimoniesofDivineHealing #HappeningNow h #HSLHS #TestimoniesofDivineHealing #HappeningNow h #HSLHS #TestimoniesofDivineHealing #HappeningNow h
Favoured Peace


Thank you Jesus!

Pst. Promise Adino






#blwusa3 #perfectiongala2020

#HSLHS #TestimoniesofDivineHealing #HappeningNow

♦️Happening Now! The Healing Streams Live Healing Services (Day 1). It's your set time for a miracle. Connect now and share the link with all your contacts. #CeAccraGhanaZone #HealingStreamsTV

#HSLHS #TestimoniesofDivineHealing #HappeningNow

HEALING STREAMS LIVE HEALING SERVICES (DAY 1.)💯 A member of the Central Executive Council, Loveworld Nation, and a senior minister at the Healing School, Evang (Dr.) Eddy Owase, as he anchors the testimony segment with live testifiers from the 1st edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services. ✅Keep participating with your loved ones and all your invitees, please visit: 👇 ✅ Send prayer requests to👇 ✅ Send testimonies to👇 #healingstreams #livehealingservice #healingisnow #healingtothenations

#HSLHS #TestimoniesofDivineHealing #HappeningNow Watching Live from Nigeria

HEALING STREAMS LIVE HEALING SERVICES (DAY 1.)💯 LIVE PARTICIPATION FROM HSPI SOUTH AFRICA ✅Keep participating with your loved ones and all your invitees, please visit: 👇 ✅ Send prayer requests to👇 ✅ Send testimonies to👇 #healingstreams #livehealingservice #healingisnow #healingtothenations

I am one of the few people I don't doubt. #SelfConfident

#HSLHS #TestimoniesofDivineHealing #HappeningNow Watching Now from Nigeria

10 POIGNANT LESSONS I LEARNT IN 2020 1: Perfection, Excellence, Dilligence, Audacity are inside jobs and a personal culture and God, life, people events will test if you got them in you. 2: It's what you did with what you have (what He gave you) that determines your trustworthiness, faithfulness and value to God. Success, Productivity and fruitfulness is a personal decision and choice. 3: Seriously "Mind your own business", you'll live a far much more peaceful, happy, fruitful, graceful and productive life than you can ever imagine. 4: God's always talking to His children, make sure you are listening and doing with a sense of urgency what He told you to do when noone else was there. 5: The fact that God told you to do something doesn't mean there won't be hindrances, difficulties and adversity. Buckle up for an adventurous journey with Him; it will always end IN PRAISE. 6: Live your life by Prophecy....God's prophetic utterances inspired by the Holy Spirit; you can never go wrong because He is trustworthy.. 7: Living by God's so powerful when you can patiently, faithfully and prayerfully walk by Faith and not by sight....things are not always what they seem in the physical realm. 8: Nothing can defeat a man of convictions, who walks in God's Wisdom, Love, holds sound discretion and knows when the odds are against him and how to flip those odds in his own favour.. 9: God's Love is the most powerful force on the earth. Protect and hold tightly to His Love in your heart no matter what. Don’t allow anything or anyone corrupt His Love in your heart. His Love is your life and satan can't stand that Love. 10: Anything Is Possible. Fight for nothing in this world, except the good fight of Faith to win....I will always.......WIN 2021 here i come in the fullness of blessings of Christ.....unblameable, unreproveable, unstoppable in His sight....🙌🙏🙇‍♀️

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