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Our P.M β˜• Today is served....PCO QUOTES AT IPPC DAY 2 🌏 When the love of God is manifested in you, in your thoughts and in your attitude you love people anyway. 🌏 Requirements for using God's Gifts of the Spirit in your life- Knowledge, Attitude, Wisdom. Wisdom gives you insight, foresight, opens your eyes and gives you understanding. 🌏 Never desire anything because someone else has it; whether material, financial, or spiritual. Everything your Father has is available to you. Don't think that God gives to anybody anything that He's not given to you. That's not the gospel! 🌏Prophecy is important. By words we create our future...the Prophetic words inspired of God. With the Holy Spirit you're speaking God's progress and the mind of God. Don't prophesy from your mind that wouldn't be from God. Whatever is coming from God comes through the Spirit. 🌏The Word has definitive message. The name of Jesus has a message. The power was in the message. 🌏I do life in a greater way....Don't take away from others what God gave them. Never try to make God's people feel small. Tell God's people they are creative, that anything they do will progress.

Our P.M β˜• Today is

Happy birthday beautiful PastorπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽˆ I love you so much mommy O, you are truly amazing. May the Lord continue to bless and increase you in knowledge, wisdom and wealth. I love you so much thank you for everything❀️️ Mbali Mwandla #POSE1115

We declare by CYUDE.

"I enjoy my life ain't no stopping me" 10Q 4 sharing this joy generously Happy Birthday Pastor Ose U R so beautiful, love U plenty #POse1115

#POse1115 No. 12 She's committed fully to the gospel and the salvation of souls!

Happy Birthday to my Fashionista Mum! You made ministry fashionable to me. I love you ma!

Celebratng U mam with so much joy. Growing up 2 be like U. Prayerful mam, prayerful girly. Passionate mam,passionate girly! I just πŸ’2πŸ’˜U!

#POse1115 No. 13 She's very funny!

Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Ose! You are a great example of loveliness and kindness. May God bless you abundantly ❀️ #pose1115

#POse1115 No. 14 On and off air influential personality!

updated her profile photo

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