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IT'S TODAY! Rhapsody Monthly Day of Prayer Prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org Logon anytime, anywhere and join us in praying for Rhapaody distribution campaigns this April. #monthlydayofprayer #prayandgive

IT'S TODAY! Rhapsody Monthly Day

Happy birthday to my senior brother. The general himself. God bless you Sir


Iris Iris ...πŸ˜„ This is what you like doing best πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ @akanjiiris Congrats on a successful program... No two friends (sisters) like you! Kudos!

DAY 1: The Power for Change.........#ceottawa

I am a product of the meetings I attend! #fireintheUSA #cmdintheUSA #easteratMSU #blwUSAgroup3 !!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Still on the matter .. The Mayor!! Bro Bayo Agape Happy Birthday to you .. continue to bask in the beauty of the most High Love loads πŸ’•

THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD HAS NOTHING IN MY BODY! Christ is alive in meβ€”spirit, soul, and body. As Jesus is, so am I in this world. The prince of this world has nothing in me, be it sickness, infirmity or anything negative; I’m full of God, complete in Christ, therefore nothing is lacking in my spirit, soul or body! Everything that is supposed to be in me is there, and nothing needs to be added or taken out! My organs are functioning normally in the Name of Jesus! Get more confessions at www.enterthehealingschool.org/dhr Follow this superuser now to get regular updates. Remember to join us @ prayer.enterthehealingschool.org/prayer every Saturday from 7pm to 7.30pm GMT+1 for the Global Prayer Session, where partners of the Healing School pray concerning the ongoing Autumn Session. #faithproclamations #supernaturalhealth #healingtothenations #hspartner #hspn

Updated her profile photo

Day 1: The Power for Change...spiritual upgrade.....#ceottawa

I live for you Jesus, my life is for your glory, I'm totally committed to you. Thank you Lord for the sacrifice you paid for me. #Easter

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