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I am the way. I don't look for the way! Woooo! #Augustcommunionservice

I'm anointed to lead #Lz2CscwithPastorEmekaEze


#Ongoing_Events Question And Answers Segment Question: Pastor, what do you mean when you say "God is not going to make a way" Answer: They do sing the song in churches "God will make a way, when there seems to be no way". It is a nice exhortation but it is for the BABES in Christ. Jesus is the Way, He is our way for healing, for deliverance and blessing. He also has made us the way in Him. So how can the way be confused? The new has replaced the old. So follow those things in the Word of God that are consistent with the new. #R815 #vision400 #AugustCommunionService #NCRegion

HAPPENING NOW ON LOVEWORLD RADIO IN 6 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES Our dear man of God is presently on set with highly esteemed Pastor Karen and esteemed Pastor Deola Philips for the Q/A segment...... Join us on Loveworld Radio on this link to participate http://www.loveworldinternetradio.org/GCS-August.html Stay connected....


1st timer 1st to meet #vision400 after reviving a miracle she has hoped for 7years Within 3 weeks of joining #CEBEXLEY #HLCUKWITHPASTORCHRIS

How God Anointed His Church with d Holy Spirit and Power who went about Healing all those sick and oppressed by the devil. Jesus is Alive ❗️

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