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I declare that grace works for me and my household.we are supremely blessed #mydeclaration #israel #cemidwestzone

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#GlobalPrayerWeek #Day4 (Morning Session) HIGHLIGHT FROM THE ONGOING EVENT Pastor Deola Phillips 🔽In the place of prayer we are synchronised with the Holy Spirit. 🔽Every moment of prayer is an investment in your relationship with the Lord. 🔽Don’t accept things that did not happen that were meant to happen. You can cause a change in the place of prayer. 🔽In the place of prayer you receive: -Visions -Direction -Drive and inspiration -Resource allocation 🔽There's such a thing as the Spirit of prayer, and Pastor has taught us how to cultivate that Spirit of prayer. This week, we are being imparted by the Spirit of prayer, and the effect will be forever in our lives. Pastor Shoki This week gives me an idea of what happens when we pray; God is willing and ready to hear and answer our prayers, and so we can rejoice. So rejoice with us. Pastor Tony Martin Gold is not enough to describe what we've been experiencing here; platinum is not enough. Pastor Karen Victor It's a glorious, world transforming time. The world doesn't change from the outside; we are changed, then our world is transformed. This week, we've fallen in love with the Lord more and more; we've received a deeper hunger in our hearts, and what has begun will not end. We are going higher and higher, and there's no stopping us. Pastor Lanre Alabi Get ready; there's going to be a remarkable change and upgrade even in your own life that will bless everything around you. Connect Now and Participate!!!

#prayingnow #india

#mydeclaration I declare am infused with divine abilities n I evoke successful outcomes. I am daily loaded with benefits. I am glorified

The Church is not weak but is D most important entity in the World. #PrayingNow #GlobalPrayerWeek #mydeclaration #LiveUpdates #Power4Change

Glory!!! #youthconferencebenin2018almosthere #ycbalmosthere #youthconferencebeninalmosthere

I am achieving my evangelistic target of winning 5,000 souls into the kingdom this year of the supernatural. #mydeclaration

#prayingnow #Cameroon

Health, strength, power,wisdom is mine in Jesus name

I declare that this world will know that there is a God! They'll know that the God I serve is a faithful and loving God! #MyDeclaration

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