Ike Nnoli: Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ifeoma on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka! We celebrate an icon and epitom of excellence, efficiency and unalloyed commitment... I love you Ma!

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ifeoma

Happy Birthday dear Deacon IK. I celebrate a man of courage, dependability and loyalty. Thank you for all you do in the ministry and your stalwart service to our man of God. Youre always responsive whenever issues are brought to your attention, with wisdom to resolve difficult situations. May the Lord bless and increase you more and more. I love you.

Happy birthday Esteemed Deacon sir. Thank you for your awe inspiring life of service and commitment. Your years ahead are 1000 times greater n more glorious sir. Thank you for loving me specially, I love you sir.

Happy Birthday Dcn Sir You are a marvel in the House of God. Thank you for the impactful dedication and work that you provide. God bless you in increasing measure. I celebrate you. Salute Dcn Sir!!

Happy birthday Sis Juliet Ohenzuwa. LoveWorld Manchester. Thank you for your passion to serve in God’s house #lwukzone4 #lwccmanchester #ukzone4

Happy birthday to a Man of God, excellent friend and a shining light. Happy birthday the Highly Esteemed Evangelist Dr. Eddy Owase. He is a gift from God. No one encourages like him. No one is solicitous of your wellbeing like him. No one champions others like him. No one amplifies the miracles and testimonies of God like him. No one counsels you like him. No one hails you like him. EVANGELIST DR. EDDY OWASE Pastor. Bible Historian. Soulwinner. Intercessor. Preacher. Son of Consolation. Above all else: Son of Pastor Chris. Loyal follower. Committed Disciple. Passionate Giver. Ardent Partner. Happy birthday Sir. You are an inspiration. You are a motivator. Glory to God for the testimonies of you are witnesses of who the Word of God is in the body of a man. I love you.

Happy Birthday Brother Godwin. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the work of the ministry.Keep burning and shinning.its a new level for you.#cemidwestzone#blueelitecommunuty.

Thank you Lord Jesus for Today.

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Happy Birthday Sir! Thank you for all you do in our great ministry. I celebrate you Sir!

Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor ma...i celebrate your life of exemplary leadership. The way you pray, the smile you wear and being approachable are few of my favourite things of you. Thank you for serving the Lord God, its a new address for you with increased grace. I love you ma

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