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Still celebrating an achiever. Happy birthday Pastor sir. Thank you so much sir for your liquid love and also spreading through the airwaves. It surely your year of Lights as you continually experience divine Favour. We love and appreciate you sir. Bro Stephen. Loveworld Radio

Still celebrating an achiever. Happy

He gat swag in his DNA#teampeeay #peeay731

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PROJECT 10,000 EXPLOITS JESUS DEY OWE YOU? TEENS STREET STORM GROUP The teenagers took to the streets with musical instruments reaching their kind and preaching the gospel in a captivating way! One of the testimonies recorded was a teenager who having heard the gospel, gave his heart to Christ and took the team to his family house for them to preach. #project10,000 #ceuyo #ssz2

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Ozugbo ozugbo pastor #peeay731 #peeayoroduct

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Glory to God we had a glorious outreach. #NCZ1 depopulating hell.

Photo speaks #Faith cell outreach # #The power for change# #CECabuloma1# # Cephzone2#

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Happy Birthday @p.henry, Thank you sir for your commitment to the gospel and your inspiring leadership. I love you dearly! #ph729 #lifeoffaith #exceptionaldad #BLWIgbinedionUniversity

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