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Hip Hip! Hurray! Your sister's husband is your........!? Happy Birthday, I am saying I love you, God is with you till the end of time, I am saying you're the best! Happy Birthday dearest DCN OT EKIUGBO! Amazing husband of my amazing sister. Your light shines everywhere! Glory!

Hip Hip! Hurray! Your sister's
Dcn Ortega


Thank you so much Pst Chinwe

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Updated his profile photo

Come celebrate with me. it's going to be extra special today. Whoop whoop. Ha ha ha. Special day for special person.😘

What manner of love the father has given unto us...I am called your very own.

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Happy birthday to my outstanding Pastor.. Pastor Erus Dickson are a Father to nations.. Very unique and always has a penchant for excellence..Keep changing lives .We love you.. #Cemagboro #Wecelebrateaproperlight #PEDROCKS10:2:19 #Celebeatinganexcellentpersonality...

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Celebrating A Kingdom Conscious Personality - Dr Viba Ellis. Thank you for your very loud commitment to the work. You’re a true daughter of consolation and of our man of God. Grace is multiplied to you abundantly (Amen). Happy Birthday. I love you #Addicted2DMinistry(1Cor16:15)

Happy Birthday Dcn Ortega Ekiugbo! Your light shines everyday, everywhere in all circumstances. Your life is characterized by illumination, leadership, guidance and everything that comes with the light. The blessings of God rests upon you & your home. You are a success forever!

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