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This is something to shout about Hurray! Its another. Glory!!! #DPACZONALPRAYERRALLY #proudlyblwapptivist #cephzone3

To be one with God is peace and joy and Godly pleasures forevermore. But if you don't know he's in you & with you, it won't add up. THEOS

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Pastor Amaechi Udeaku Live in Port Harcourt Zone 3 teens summer camp with Pastor Joy Amenkhienan!!! #TSC2K17 #TSC2K17 #TSC2017


The sacrifice of HAMASHIACH on the cross was great but the sacrifice of his going to the Father for your sake is richer. THEOS

HBD Sis Esther,de quiet n reliable daughter of consolation.As u celebrate another yr 2day, may u grow frm strength to strength. We luv u

Hurray! Its another awesome opportunity to fellowship with the Spirit of God #DPACZONALPRAYERRALLY #proudlyblwapptivist #cephzone3

Because He kept quiet and opened not his mouth, they taught he is no God and has no power. Even the soldiers went extra mile. Matth 27:26-31

You have heard that it's coming but I say unto you it's here just as it was written. They did say "you said you're God's Son, save yourself

We do have mighty weapons, that is if you are a doer of God's word and they are incredibly Dunatos. Jesus used it and you too can.

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