St Charity: #HBPstMtho Even Pastor Ose and on KingsChat Web

#HBPstMtho Even Pastor Ose and Randburg 2 know its Pastor Mtho's birthday in 3 days time

#HBPstMtho Even Pastor Ose and

He that gathers in summer is a wise son: but he that sleeps in harvest is a son that brings shame!!

Often times people are drawn towards things they need to get accomplished. So the tendency is to see what still needs to be done. But then, you need to look at what you have been able to accomplish through and by HIM ,and you will even find out it gives you inner invigoration to move yet ahead to accomplish more for HIM. By HIM all things consist. With HIM you can do more than you can ever imagine. I'm talking about JESUS. He's all you will ever need I am grateful to have HIM Are you? #newsongcoming #SONOFTHELIVINGGOD #PeeYuu #globalimpact.

😆😆😆😆👇👇👇👇 ALL MONTH LONG!!

#HBPstMtho Even Rev Ken, Evang Kathy, Pastor Dupe, Pastor Ose and Pastor Ambrose know its Pastor Mtho's birthday in 3 days time

God told us to pray, not for praying sake, but because he planned to answer #cewarrizone #church2 #ceesisi #harvestfieldcell #dobwarrizone

#cebz3megacelloutreach #cebeninzone3

Ebhin ohan ilolo de sunu bhi ebho na choe UROMI. Ukpede ihion ki kere. Oni adudu ri bhi otor e #anomwithpza #edonorthandedocentral #PZA

#LoveworldPlusSpreading Loveworld Plus celebrates Pastors Gabriel & Pauline Omorogieva on this Special day! Happy Wedding Anniversary to you! We love and appreciate you greatly. Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App today!! (available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and on the Windows Phone Store)


ROR 4 - 11 - 16 by BLW Norwood Radio on #SoundCloud

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