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Happy Birthday dear Deaconess Jibola, Welcome, and bask in this new season of uplighting. You’re fruitful and productive in every good work with increase on all sides. Thank you for all you do in the CELVZ. I love you dearly, and like your beautiful smile specially💖😍

Happy Birthday dear Deaconess Jibola,
Dcns Ajibola CELVZ/ZA5


Highly esteemed Pastor Ma, I love you specially , Ma. Thank you for your love of many years. Thank you Ma for the priviledged honour of service you accord me . Thank you for so trusting God's abilities in and through me: my life is improved everytime, glory to God! Thank you Ma for the room you have given me and my family in your space: I am very grateful Ma. I love you 720 degrees!😍🤗

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear highly esteemed Rev. Ken. You are such a unique personality: your love and care for people is out of this world. Thank you for all you do in our Nation and for loving our Man of God so evidently. You are a beautiful example to follow & I love you Sir.

A Glorious Wednesday Service with Pastor Eunice *Rhapsody Of Realities* _YOUR STATUS AND YOUR STATE_ ```But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord (2 Corinthians 3:18).``` There’s a clear distinction between your status and your state. Your life isn’t about what you’re going through. The revelation of God’s Word that you have unveils your status, but that may not change your state or situation, until you put the Word to work. The first thing you need to understand is what God says about your status, because if you understand your status, then you can change your state. This means you superimpose the tenets and principles of the Kingdom on your situation for a change. In our Kingdom, for example, it’s written that greater is He that’s in you than he that’s in the world. If you’re conscious of this reality, and understand your status as the one in whom Christ literally dwells, you’ll be unperturbed, irrespective of the adversities you face, because you know you’ll always win! The greater One is in you. The prognosis about your health situation may seem dire, but your status is that you have the very life and nature of God, and divine health is at work in you NOW! This must be clear to you. And once you act on that truth, the health situation will change. Perhaps it’s a situation of lack; there’s no money in your account; that doesn’t mean you’re broke or poor. Take your eyes off the situation; focus on your status. The Word says you’re the seed of Abraham; you own the world. You’re an heir of God, and a joint-heir with Christ. Hallelujah! Always remember that the challenges you face, irrespective of how they come, are subject to change. Your role is to act on the Word; keep affirming who you are in Christ. As you keep your focus on the Word, you’re metamorphosed, and every unfavourable situation will align with your status as an associate of the God-kind. *CONFESSION* _The Sovereign Lord is my refuge and strength, and my ever-present help. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, and enables me to go on high heights! Whatever comes my way, my victory is assured, because greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world! I know who I am! Hallelujah!_ #ceabakaliki #lifechallenge #loveexpression #monthofuplifting #WEC2019

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#God'sfavourite #Cesazone5

It's a great privilege to celebrate you 2day ma. Thank you for being a Word doer, impacting us with your selfless lifestyle, and the many trainings ma. U are indeed our champion; happy Birthday to a burning and shining light. I love you specially ma. #celebratingoureximiusgenius

Happy birthday to our highly Esteemed Reverend Sir. We love and appreciate you Sir!!! #revken918 #ceottawa #cecanada

Happy Birthday Sir, God's general my mentor. Your birthday is here once again and it is additional opportunity to celebrate you, an icon an a general in God's army. We love you. #cesazone2


Thank you for your unwavering commitment in transforming lives through God's word. Happy Birthday Rev Ken Sir. #Lionofjudahcell #CEKabwata #CEZambia #SAZone3 #RevKen918

Happy Birthday sir I love you dearly!! #revken918

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