Salome Orgbozor: Happy birthday sir #ilovepeecee4life on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday sir #ilovepeecee4life

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I’m strengthened for greater works, and positioned for the supernatural life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. #PstChrisInItaly #MonthOfOrder #iSpread

I'm a zillionaire I'm a zillionaire my father's rich in everything so I can say I'm a zillionaire ×2 I m a happy happy happy zillionaire

I’m invigorated with miracle-working ability in my spirit, by the Holy Spirit who lives in me. #PstChrisInItaly #MonthOfOrder #iSpread

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My faith is prevailing over every situation. I am more than a conqueror, I have victory over every sickness and disease. #PstChrisInItaly

Most people you give money for a business will loss it. It is rear to find those that will make profit with it. #FinConvDay4 #SEVZ1 #SEVZ1

Happy Birthday to my very Special Dad & Pastor. He taught me how to enjoy like. I enjoy my life.... no stopping me🎵. #ilovepeecee4ever#

Thank you so much pastor for a glorious finance convention. I have no excuse but to prosper.#Producer#Sower#So wealthy# King Laura#

Happy birthday Pastor Tayo Tubo. You're the express image of coooool. You're fine. Happy Birthday 😂😂😂

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