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And how prevalent the sight of multitudes of Christians listening to the Word of God most regularly and earnestly, and yet not doing it #pastordrandy #pda2111 #cedurban #cesazone2

And how prevalent the sight

Happy Birthday Sis Jennifer Ebosele! As you mark this day, celebrating riches untold in Christ Jesus is your daily experience by the power of the Holy spirit. Keep basking in God's glory. Enjoy your special day! #CEManchester #CEUKVZ2 #LoveZone

SPECIAL MOMENTS AT THE LOVEWORLD ARCHIVES 2018 Delegates from Brazil visiting the archives. #ippc2018 #lwarchives #supernatural

My year of the supernatural!!!! #cesazone5 #ippc2018

#Prayingnow #EWCAVZ4 #Cameroon #CENdobo #Excel3acell

If you have never visited Uganda, this beautiful country is bound to evoke those feelings in you. While on the one hand it offers an alluring escapade and countless unique adventures. Book with us now linkvoyagetoursandtravel@gmail.com. Call or king me at +256(0)751868989

Too often many come to God’s Word to study it, to teach it, etc – to do everything in the world with it except be changed by it #pastordrandy #pda2111 #cedurban #cesazone2

Performing "My Boast“ by Supreme Joes

IPPC2018 was indeed"the best ippc ever"as declared by the President of Love world This was a meeting of end times generals of God An unforgettable experience with our Man of God So much i received and so much to testify Glory to his Name forevermore #IPPC2018 #LIMAA2018 #ewcavz4

SPECIAL MOMENTS AT THE LOVEWORLD ARCHIVES 2018 The highly esteemed Deacon Armstrong Oyakhilome visiting the Loveworld Archives. Thank you sir for visiting the archives. #ippc2018 #lwarchives #supernatural

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