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#Offer7 Prayer By Our Dear Man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome PhD. DSc. DD. " Now, I pray for you and it is my expectation that between now and the end of the coming year 2018 - God's Grace will be multiplied several times in your life. These words will produce results in your life as an individual, in your family and in everything that concerns you. God's Grace upon your life is multiplied from this moment in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus. The manifestation of his love in your life and all that concerns you will become evident - For everything that you require, for the things that God has commanded you to do, for the life that He has called you into, for the things that he wants you to fulfil. I ask that, that the miraculous power of God's Spirit will cause it to happen for you in the name of the Lord Jesus. You will see more and more results than you ever saw in your life! This coming year, what would normally take 10 years to achieve you will achieve in this year! I didn't tell you that by calculating, I told you that by the Holy Ghost. In 2018, it's 10 years for 1! Precious Father, your children will enjoy health like never before. They walk in the supernatural like never before; Because your glory will be demonstrated in their lives like never before. You're the evidence of His goodness; You're the evidence of His grace; You're the evidence of His love; And wherever you go others will take notice of you because you're his blessed ones. His Grace overshadows you; Wisdom is ministered to you, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus. Answers to your questions; Dissolving all your doubts, in the name of the Lord Jesus Precious Father, we love you; I bless your children with your word, with your Grace, with your love in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Holy Spirit, I thank you for their gifts, not just the token, but their love, their token of faith, thank you. Thank you because they receive a harvest, a multiplied harvest in all their giving. Thank you Lord Jesus. Hallelujah!" #OFFER7 #CelebratingourFather #Dec7 #lagzone2

#Offer7 Prayer By Our Dear

Corpers' Love World, we influence our environment for Christ.#Nwvz2#Cemaiduguri

Happy birthday my Esteemed GP. We love u sir...https://www.kingsch.at/p/dHhUV2k

They slept on the floor No food No access to medical aid... #BLWdayofservice #celebratingpastorchris #ewcavz5 #RhapsodyinfluencersNetwork

Happy Independence day Tanzania.... Mungu Ibariki nchi ya Tanzania....

Forever Lord I'm grateful

Just when the management was about given up Pastor Chris came to the rescue #BLWdayofservice #celebratingpastorchris #ewcavz5

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my wife. I love you.

In 2018, You will make the progress of 10 years in 1 year ~ Rev Chris Oyakhilome Ds.c DD #WhatAWord Dec7 I LOVE YOU EVERYDAY PASTOR SIR😘

Latest couple 👫 in town @ Christ Embassy Akure

#celebratingourfather #Dec7 #Offer7 #cemidwestzone

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