YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS WITH PASTOR CHRIS AND PASTOR BENNY HINN- 6 DAYS TO GO! Brace yourself for a destiny defining encounter with God's word on Your Loveworld specials; taking off from Monday January 25th to Sunday January 31st. Showing live on all Loveworld Stations, CEFlix, designated ministry websites and social media platforms. Here's how to prepare: πŸ“ŒDedicate some time of your day to pray about the program. πŸ“ŒInvite everyone you know and ensure they participate. πŸ“ŒWrite down your expectations and encourage your invitees to do same. Kindly find below the program schedule: Monday January 25th 7pm GMT+ 1 Tuesday 26th- Friday 29th 10am GMT+1 7pm GMT+1 Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st 7pm GMT +1 This is a Divine appointment with destiny. Don't miss it. Prepare!! Like, comment, re-share and follow this Superuser today. #Yourloveworld #Yourloveworldspecials #YourloveworldspecialswithPastorChrisandPastorBennyHinn

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MBA Forest trading company in Nigeria has refused to pay back Nigerian there money back The CEO is Maxwell udom his a sinior pastor in you church that has been given awards this by your pastor Christ oyakilome so you people Christ embassy should ask Maxwell udom to pay back Nigerian there money yo avoid a great protest in all the Christ embassy churches in Nigeria if he refuses to give us our money back we will hold a big protest in Christ embassy churches all over Nigeria including the headquarters



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harmony somi


Glory To God

Pastor Chidinma Akukwu



Emelda Okorocha





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Count down....

Osas Soji



Pastor Benson avin


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Ebeagbor Andrew


I am fully set for the program pastor sir.

Zealous Deborah



ogbe oreva oghale



Okechukwu Nicholas Nnamani


Glory! #ce Tedo #lagosislandgroup2 #celzone5

Sister Precious Itohan Iduh


I am so excited



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Preparing the saints #YoungPeopleCalledToMinistry #YPCTM #CampusMinistryRocks #blwzonei

Get ready for this...start planning to learn... #YoungPeopleCalledToMinistry #YPCTM #CampusMinistryRocks #blwzonei

That Jesus is coming should be exciting news for you if you are a Christian. Or are you not one ? He's the reason we do all we do , or isn't that the case with you ? One of these days , everything on earth will end na ...didn't you know that ? But the joy is that we gonna be leaving it for a far better place , isn't it so ? My friends no need getting panicky about His coming. He's coming for us to take us to Himself so we can be with forever , abi don't you want to see Him face to face after all these years of serving and living for Him? Me I'm really looking forward to seeing His eyes ....chaiii will be wonderful. Don't you agree ?

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A Training you must be a part of #YoungPeopleCalledToMinistry #YPCTM #CampusMinistryRocks #blwzonei

You don't lose following God!

Preparing Seedlings to Take sprout up...and bear fruits #YoungPeopleCalledToMinistry #YPCTM #CampusMinistryRocks #blwzonei

As for me and the children the Lord has given me , We have prepared our hearts to serve God, We have made preparation for his house, We are preparing with the Gospel, And we are prepared to meet God. #cegiwabarracks #cemaidugurigroup #Nnwz2 #NNR

The vision is clear!!!! #YoungPeopleCalledToMinistry #YPCTM #CampusMinistryRocks #blwzonei

#PastorOlumese #LifeTransformational_Teaching β€’β€’β€’ There are two lines operating concurrently in the last days! Perilous times and wickedness will be multiplying, but at the same time, there would be a mighty outpouring of God's Spirit and great progress for God's children.

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