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Our P.M.β˜• today is served....PCO QUOTES AT IPPC 2016 DAY ONE 🌏 Pastoring God's children deserves all the attention it requires. It's important to realise that whatever He's given us to do is a greater honor and we are not to take it lightly. 🌏 As you grow in the things of God your language changes, your consciousness too. There's a reason we say the things we say. In the Christian life there's growth. God doesn't expect you to remain at the same level for a long time. Growth is a part of everything... 🌏 Saints are Holy people. If you're not a saint this message is not for you. Faithful....he's talking about those who stayed on the faith in Christ Jesus. By reading this we see the mentality of the writer. He's writing this, it's flowing out of Him. This is his way of life. He's not reading it from some where. He thought we'd been blessed with all spiritual blessings....This is his mentality. 🌏He chose us to be blameless before Him in love. In the presence of God we are Holy and blameless. No wonder he addresses us as saints because Jesus took the blame so we could be blameless. God doesn't blame you for anything; 🌏 It's about what He wanted. Which means nobody has a say in it. He sent Jesus to do everything to ensure our purification. 🌏Spirit of Wisdom and revelation in knowing Him. It takes wisdom and revelation in knowing Him. These are mysteries and secrets given to those of us who are called in His Love. 🌏 Till we all come...he's giving us the Pastor's, prophets, teachers until we all come unto a perfect man....maturity....absolute perfection, no shortage, many of in the Church must get there. The Church must get there....unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ in THIS LIFE....THIS IS GOD'S PLAN 🌏 Am fruitful in every work and increasing in the knowledge of God. If I am involved in anything it's fruitful. 🌏 Demons need your permission to put sickness on your body. They can not Lord it over you only with your permission. You give permission with your mouth, words and your actions. 🌍 I belong in the Kingdom of light. This was they're way of life. In (Christ) whom we have our riddance....through his blood even the remission of sins Who is the icon of the invisible God. Jesus shows up to show us what God looks like!! 🌍 Learn to forgive quickly! The Father doesn't hold anything against anyone. God's not counting their sins against them and God's not doing it to his children either. 🌏See why God wants us to live a high class life. When you make a vow you keep it. Distinguished that's your life....set apart...excellent...AM EXCELLENT....that's my life. This gospel has been set for all creature under heaven. 🌏We are warned to not give satan a foothold. Don't rake a holiday from the FAITH LIFE! Christians can be careless making statements against the Holy Spirit. Christians don't say foolish things! If you can utter foolish words it means you're a Child, nepios one who doesn't know how to talk right. 🌏🌏 Don't take a break from Faith or the Holy Ghost. There are those who did and can't return. This is about opening a door to satan to perpetuate his attack against you. Don't allow foolish talking....jestings that are not convinient....He told us to put away these things. Don't take a break from the Holy Ghost! Don't think you're just joking. You're held by your words in the realms of the Spirit. 🌏 How do you think when you're alone? What have you done to increase your knowledge of Christ. Listen to our teaching materials and make notes. You'd be amazed at the transformation that will take place. If you don't have the message inside you, you can't give it.

Our P.M.β˜• today is served....PCO

#POse1115 Born to Win!πŸ’ƒNo one like my Pastor. She is loved adored cherished because you first loved !Light of the World !Salt of the Earth!

HBD to Our Great, Exceptional & Caring Mother. Pastor we love you so much Ma'am. You are the best. #cedelft #cesazone4

working during ippc is a great privilege..

My year of Spreading Month of moving forward No doubt at all.Making progress #2016# #birthday loading#

You know u r growing in Christ when the love of God is manifested via ur thoughts,words,actions&u are no longer offended by litle things

Am moving forward wt speed

Am moving forward wt speed

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Pst Ose Ma...yours is a celebration of Grace and Truth and no other! Happy birthday Ma.

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