Jeffrey Eghosa-Edward: Happy Supernatural Birthday to my on KingsChat Web

Happy Supernatural Birthday to my amiable dad, teacher, life coach, mentor and super influential hero. Thank you Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome PhD, D.D, S c ...I love you sir

Happy Supernatural Birthday to my

Happy Birthday to the Best Dad. Pastor We love you eternally. Thank you for all you have done for us. #blwneucyprus

Happy Birthday to our Wonderful, Esteemed, Consumate lover of God, our Pastor Chris! I love you. You have forever changed my life, it has not remained the same. Through your teachings, tapes, books, & so many awesome platforms, I've learned the Word like never before. More Grace

Thank you Father for Pastor Chris. When you look at Pastor, you will know all the Characteristics and Attributes of God.. We are Celebrating you Sir #Offer7 #blwsazone #blwsagroupi

Happy Supernatural Birthday Sir, thank you Sir for giving my life a meaning, I love you dearly Sir.

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE REPORT As the Celebrations of our man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome are in top gear, CE Megethos roll up their sleeves in Service. Catch more highlights in the picture gallery... #LWdayofservice #Warriministrycentre

Happy birthday my father, role model. Thank you sir for teaching me the word.. God bless you sir. I love you. #Cemichigan USA.

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Happening Now! Christ Embassy Barking takes God's Divine Presence and Liquid Love to the salvation Army Barking in honour of our Man Of God Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome!! #SUPERNATURAL #DEC7 #CelebratingOurFather #UKVZ4 #IDS

Happy Birthday Pastor Chris! #blwneucyprus

Happy Birthday my Pastor Sir. You are a Father amongst father's, my Coach, my Mentor and my Instructor.

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