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Getting ready #celebratingthesupernatural #IPPC2018 #campusministryisthere

Happy Wedding Anniversary Sir. More grace for all time! Congratulations!!!!

Love the Greatest builder!!!

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A WORD OF PROPHECY FROM OUR MOST REV AT THE CHRIST EMBASSY ABUJA MINISTRY CENTRE INAUGURAL SERVICE. While I was praying, I saw what looks like a maize plant, and it began to shoot up from a dry ground, all of a sudden, in the midst of the dry ground and difficult circumstances, the plant still shot up and grew to full maturity; it blossomed and brought forth. The Lord says to you, no matter the challenge that has surrounded you, no matter the ground or environment, my Word is to you light, you will blossom and nothing can stop it. You will bring forth that fruit, for my life is in you to BRING forth fruit. You are a fruitful vine and my blessing is upon you saith theĀ  Lord. Don't ask for the rain, don't ask for the wind, you will still blossom for my life is in you. RECEIVE THESE WORDS AND THANK HIM. #heavensbest #ceamcinauguralservice #ceabujamincentre

Am a proud sponsor of the innercity mission. Cephzone1 Citycenter


Getting ready #celebratingthesupernatural #IPPC2018 #campusministryisthere

Glory is in Righteousness...

Getting ready #celebratingthesupernatural #IPPC2018 #campusministryisthere

ITPLC IN FOCUS!!! Where would you rather be? Ask her to ask him to ask them!

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