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All things are full of labour, this means the resources you need for every result is call (WORK )#CFCUYO

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I am a super man but I will be stronger @ #CFCUYO

Happy Birthday dear Deaconess Doris! Thank you for being so warm,loving&4 all u do. Keep growing luxuriantly & Flourishing 🚀. ILVU #TGOHPCAN

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Happy birthday to our beautiful Pastor - love CE Edinburgh Children's Church #UkZone1 #ceedinburgh #HBDPstEbiere

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Happy Birthday to a Son of consolation.Thank you for all you do. Of your increasing knowledge, there shall be no end, I love & appreciate u

I was born this way #CFCUYO

Thank you so much Pastor Ma for imparting words of power and encouragement into our lives. we love you #cewarrizone #cepti #supermencell

I gonna fly higher, it's DNA

Happy birthday dear, sis Rosie Imohimi, God's beauty is seen inside of you, keep flourishing. #cebz3 #TEXPUGBUWO1 #21April

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