P.Tumee: My Rev. Ken....Thank you Awesome on KingsChat Web

My Rev. Ken....Thank you Awesome God & my Dearest Pastor Chris Sir, for my Exceptional Dad, Rev. Ken. #RevKen918

My Rev. Ken....Thank you Awesome My Rev. Ken....Thank you Awesome

RON 2017 PRAYER NETWORK – SEPTEMBER 11TH The Prayer Point For September 11th is on the banner, Kindly read the prayer point and prayer accordingly. #NCVZ1 #Vision400isOurReality #TeamCEJosNCVZ1Rocks #yearofflourishing #ron2017 #vision400 #springtime #250millioncopiesareality #roncampaign #hlcuk #higerlifeconferenceuk #reachoutnigeria2017 #reachoutnigeriawithrhapsodyofrealities #1billioncopiesareality

@tsitsi61864 Happy Birthday. It's indeed spring time for you I love you


My pastor is a worshipper. It was bringing in the sheaves # cehouston 1

#Ongoing #ItsSpringtime #harvesttime ZONAL ONLINE PRAYER MEETING with The Highly Esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor EVERY DAY BY 5am to 5:30am. Below are the prayer points: In this month of September we are achieving 100% workforce participation by the Spirit. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5; Colossians 1:9-11; Philippians 1:9-11; The brethren are stirred up by the Spirit to participate in all areas of ministry. 1. Declare they participate in church services. Hebrews 10:25; 2. Declare they participate in cell meetings 3. Declare they participate in vision 400 Luke 10:1-2; 4. Declare they participate in tithes and offerings 5. Declare they participate in RON and other partnerships lavishly. 2 Corinthians 9:6-8; We declare September is an extraordinary month of flourishing and productivity. God bless you. #NCVZ1 #VISION400isOurReality #hlcuk #RON2017 #TeamCEJosNCVZ1Rocks

Happy birthday sis Calista, your life is from glory to glory shine on #Crvz #Teamcalabarrocks

Dear heavenly Father, I bless and extol your majesty, for you alone are God. You’re worthy of all praise, glory, adoration, majesty, splendour and grace; blessing, glory, wisdom, thanksgiving, honour, power, and might, be unto you, forever and ever. Amen. 👉 Special gift http://bit.ly/2ricAj7 #LMAMINT #LMAMUK #LMAMEU #LMAMUSA #SpringTime #MyYearOfFlourishing

Daily Faith Confession with Pastor Chris-September 11 2017 I've put on the new nature of righteousness. I have in my spirit the incorruptible life of God. This new life is in every cell of my blood, every bone of my body, and in every fiber of my being! Therefore, no sickness, disease or infirmity can dwell in me, in Jesus' Name. Amen. 👉 Special gift http://bit.ly/2ricAj7 #LMAMINT #LMAMUK #LMAMEU #LMAMUSA #SpringTime #MyYearOfFlourishing

#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 11TH SEPTEMBER. I affirm that I am living in the springtime of my life! My progress and advancement are evident and unstoppable. I am prospering in all that I do, because I live in, and by the Word, inspired always by the Holy Spirit to produce excellence. Christ is my wisdom and I am propelled everyday by the wisdom of God. I’m a victor for life. All things are working together for my good, because I love the Lord, and I am called according to God's purpose. I face life’s circumstances head-on, with the smile of a victor, knowing that nothing can stand against me successfully because the greater One lives in me! The wisdom of God is at work in me to know what to do at all times. Hallelujah! Christ is alive in me; His divine life is manifested in my spirit, soul, and body and in every fibre of my being. He’s made me a champion and a victor forever! He is my life; in Him, I live and move and have my being! He has made me a wonder. Glory to God! 👉 Special gift http://bit.ly/2ricAj7 #LMAMINT #LMAMUK #LMAMEU #LMAMUSA #SpringTime #MyYearOfFlourishing


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