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WORTH SHARING: HEY! WHEN LIFE THROWS YOU LEMONS MAKE LEMONADE....FIND A NEED AND MEET IT!!...✍✍😁 I'll Always Remember... It was a very trying period of my life. After putting in my very best in my work, I was not promoted for the fourth year in a roll. I was unhappy. Very unhappy. Very very unhappy. I couldn't put my finger on the cause of my predicament. My boss had recommended me for promotion in the last three appraisals. He knew exactly the efforts, energy and commitment I had put in. He was also aware of how desperately I wanted that promotion. That was when my faith as a Christian became my only solace. I needed to express my frustration through a positive channel. I did. I bought myself a camera and couple of lenses that cost me about six hundred thousand naira. I told myself that I'm creative, resourceful, useful and intelligent. I wasn't going to let anyone or system make me to lose my self esteem, confidence and pride. For the next eight months, all my weekends, public holidays and annual leave were invested in photography. Armed with a permit from the Lagos State ministry of Arts and Culture, I toured the entire length and breadth of Lagos state taking amazing pictures. It remains one of the greatest joy of my life. Let's save the details for another day. Fast-forward: The launching of 1000 Faces of Lagos was a one-week event at Terra Kulture Gallery in Victoria Island, Lagos. Governor Babatunde Fashola even sent a representative. Channels TV covered it and I had national and international guests and art collectors grace the occasion. Today, in more than 400 homes and offices, the works of Michael Ogbaa hang beautifully in enviable spaces. It was financially rewarding. I shared this story to remain us that as Christians, we are not allowed to be bitter. We can channel negative energy into positive outcomes. Whatever we decided to do must of necessity prosper because we are Abraham's seeds and heirs according to the promise. NB: I've been promoted twice since that time... Culled from Michael Ogbaa.


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#CRVZICLC2018 Awards time... There is Dignity in Labour!

The only Way to differentiate yourself the from the poor, is to help the poor. #ICLCINMYCITY #CEBENINZONE1

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Happy Birthday Dear Pst Yemi. You may not realize what a great blessing you were to me back then, but I always remember, and I pray that all the blessings of this supernatural year abound towards you now and always. I Love you!

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Happy birthday Most highly esteem Evangelist Dr Eddy owase,#crvz #teamcalabarrocks

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#ziclc2018 #lagoszone2

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