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Thank you pastor ma for the mentorship, God has used you so much our lives, We love you and HAPPY BIRTH DAY...We love you pastor Ma

Thank you pastor ma for Thank you pastor ma for Thank you pastor ma for Thank you pastor ma for

READ TODAY'S DEVOTIONAL Thursday, October 25, 2018. KEEP WINNING SOULS We’re the bearers of God’s righteousness; His light in a dark world. We must take the light of the Gospel to men and women around the world, as a witness to all nations. We can’t afford to be weak, lukewarm, or quiet. We must maintain the glow and passion of the Spirit, and keep preaching the Gospel in the wisdom and power of God. Yes, we’ll face oppositions; there’re many adversaries; there’s a dark realm over this world and in this world, which we’re set against. But none of these should deter us from preaching the Gospel. Read the full article on #rhapsodyofrealities #rhapsody #dailydevotional #devotional

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Sir/Ma

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It’s worth it #CLARIONCALL #LMAMUK #SupernaturalVictory #MusicVideoAlert #ExcellenceInWorship

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LET’S PRAY In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I declare that the righteousness of God, eternal life and immortality are unveiled to men and women around the world today, as they receive the Gospel. I break the power of Satan over men’s lives, and affirm that the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ shines in their hearts. Amen. #rhapsodyofrealities #rhapsody #dailydevotional #devotional

Highlights of Wednesday Service with our highly esteemed Group Pastor, Pastor Billy Inope Aloaye. It was life transforming indeed. #ceAbuloma #cephzone2

Every track is solid! #CLARIONCALL #LMAMUK #SupernaturalVictory #MusicVideoAlert #ExcellenceInWorship

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