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LOVEWORLD LADIES❣💔❣ WE ARE READY💜 THIS THURSDAY💙 WE LOVE AND WE ARE LADIES💕 #LLN #loveworldladiesnetwork #loveworldladiesnetwork2020 #cebayelsa #NSSZONE1

Dcns. Ebiye George


Wow gloryyyyyyy

Onwards and Upwards 🙏🏽👍🏾🙌🏽

PRAY-A-THON WITH PASTOR CHRIS DSP UK Zone 3 churches praying from 9am - 10am Set 2 praying now : CE Slough Group churches #iamapriestinoffice #PCLprayathon2020 #prayingnow #dspukzone3

IPPC 2020 - 23 DAYS TO GO From Nigeria to Canada to USA, Australia, Brazil, India, Italy, Israel, the UK and many more; delegates from several Nations in all Continents of the World will converge at the IPPC 2020 from Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd November 2020. Indeed as a result of the IPPC, through the work of our Pastors and Partners all over the world, the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea. #ippc #ippc2020

Check out my inspiring post on Yookos!

Even the children will come to know the Lord Jesus ! #RoRROAR2020 #DSPUKZ3ROAR2020

So much excitement in the air as we count down to October 31st 2020, do not miss this for anything #RoRROAR2020 #DSPUKZ3ROAR2020

Are you readyyyyy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 We are counting up minutes now to the most anticipated program with the Esteemed Zonal Secretary, Pastor Casper Wealth. We are on today at 2pm at the University of Zambia Main chapel. See you there !!!! #blwsazoned #blwcampusministryrocks #Zambia

Onwards, Forwards and Upwards #RoRROAR2020 #DSPUKZ3ROAR2020

THANK YOU DEAR PARTNERS!💫💫 You Made it Happen! Thank you for your swift response in ensuring that the SOM sponsorship of October Global Communion Service with our Man of God Pastor Chris becomes a reality. Welcome to an unending season of harvest. God bless you richly!❤ #GLOBALCOMMUNIONSERVICE #RHAPSODYVIBESFIESTA #SONSOFMINISTRY #PERFECTION #MONTHOFPROCLAMATION

#WORDFEST2 Watch the intro video as Esteemed Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas inspires many around the world to participate in Day 1i Study titled: The 3 Cardinal Gifts of God (The Gift of Eternal Life Part 2) airing on www.pcdl.tv @ no cost👌👌👌👌👌 #wordatwork #watchonpcdltv

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