Pastor Casper Wealth: Happy Birthday Pastor David Brown on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Pastor David Brown thank you so much for the impact you have made in Zambia Sir: l love you dearly Sir

Happy Birthday Pastor David Brown

BE Extra Day 1: Blue Elite Call Up & Gift Day Place a call to 5 staff members. A staff in Ur Dept/Zone/Min Center or a staff in another Dept/Zone/Min Center Send a gift to 1 staff. U'll receive d name from Ur Admin Manager #BlueEliteExtra #BECallUpGiftDay, #BlueEliteCommunity

Did you miss the Grand Finale of Your Loveworld #phase6 that held yesterday? Watch the rebroadcast now on Loveworld Plus TV Channel or online via #yourloveworld #perfection

The word of God created me and it's my the top class of his creation! Glory to journey is straight, upward and forward because I know the word. My life is prolonged. I can never be confused because the word directs me. #NSWZ1 #Wordfest2020

LIVE ABOVE CIRCUMSTANCES_MONDAY MOTIVATION 📺🏆 In today's episode of Monday Motivation Pastor Chris teaches on how the circumstances of your life will never describe the quality of your personality. #MondayMotivation #lovewordsatsocialtv #loveworldsat #YourLoveworld

#praying now #prayathon2020 #pclprayathon2020 #sazone1 #south africa

We are inviting you to an online meeting on Saturday 30th May at 3pm. It is an event not to miss #beautyforashes #thehavencatford #ukz1

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The word of God is my strength. 👍 #wordfest #wordfest2020 #wordatwork #celz1rocks #ceijede

I will surely live long because the word will prolong my days #WordFest2020 #WordFest #WordatWork #BLWCampusMinistryRocks #BLWUKZoneB

#wordfest #wordfest2020 #wordatwork #AbujaMinistryCentre #CEAMC...lord I live by every word from your mouth: for it is my LIFE,my BUILDER,my ADVOCATE, my CLEANSER, FOOD&NOURISHMENT, LAMP &MAP,and MEDICINE.. I put the word to work; I trust the efficiency of the word. Hallelujah!

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