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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Our lives are indeed governed by our decisions, poor or excellent, status quos are mirror reflections of decision making. #monthofuplifting #liftchallenge

Celebrating the erudite Barrister, dear Dear Deacon Chris, Sir. Thank you for many years of commitment & for your wonderful children serving in various ministry arms. Thank you,sir, for your continuous words of encouragement and appreciation. I love you. Happy Birthday!

Follow the News as it Unfolds Texas Pastor Expelled from Family for Following Jesus https://loveworldnews.org/s/FoIt197089 Details via the link above.

ReachOut Czech Republic in pictures...1 #reachoutczechrepublic #dspukzone3

ReachOut Czech Republic in pictures...9 #reachoutczechrepublic #dspukzone3

ReachOut Czech Republic in pictures...10 #reachoutczechrepublic #dspukzone3

Happy Wedding anniversary to an Amazing and excellent couple. Dear Esteemed Pastors John and Comfort Amenkhienam. Many more years of Bliss.

Celebrating a quintessential leader, dearest Pastor Christine. I am so grateful to God for blessing us with such a great woman of faith, a dedicated team player and an ardent follower of our dear man of God. Thank you for many years of exceptional service and all your notable milestones in ministry. I am so delighted to be associated with you and it is my heartfelt prayer that you would achieve more remarkable feats in this year of lights. I love you dearly. Happy Birthday!

..... it's okay to get emotional with the Lord, because He's got emotions too. - Pastor Chris (RoR Wednesday 4 Sept 2019) #liftchallenge #CELZ1rocks #CEShangisha

Happy birthday Dear Esteemed Pastor Christine!! Thank you so much for your amazing investment in eternity through your service to our Man of God. You are a burning and shinning light. Your increase is unstoppable.

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